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Faculty Contact
shorna Shorna Allred
Susan R. Wolf Distinguished Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 219
Environmental justice, conservation social science, conservation and land-use decision-making, global sustainability, community resilience, Southeast Asia and U.S. South
javier Javier Arce-Nazario
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 326
(919) 445-4844
Landscape history, GIS-remote sensing, translational geoscience, critical physical geography, water and sustainability.
Paul Paul L. Delamater
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 217
(919)962-3922 (phone)
Health and medical geography, access to health care, health care policy, spatial analysis, GIS.
Amanda Amanda Gay DelVecchia
Assistant Professor, Voit Gilmore Fellow
Office: Carolina Hall 225
Freshwater ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, physical geography
Adrian Adrian Drummond-Cole
Teaching Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 224
Critical geography, political economy, environmental justice, water, agriculture, environmental history, science and technology studies, American studies
emch Michael Emch
W.R. Kenan Jr., Distinguished Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 304
(919)843-1010 (phone)
Medical geography, spatial epidemiology, health & environment, GIS
chris Chris Fuhrmann
Research Associate Professor and Deputy Director, SERCC
Office: 202 Albert & Gladys Coates Building
(919) 843-2704 (phone)
Applied climatology, synoptic climatology, service climatology, biometeorology, climate variability and change
gray Clark Gray
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Office: Carolina Hall 308
(919) 962-3876 (phone)
Population, environment and development; survey and statistical methods
banu Banu Gökarıksel
Professor, Chair of the Curriculum in Global Studies
Office: Carolina Hall 307 and 2003 Global Education Center
(919) 843-5835 (phone)
Feminist, political, cultural geography; feminist geopolitics; embodied and intimate politics of difference; religion, piety, and gender; borders, refugees, and migration; Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe.
havice Elizabeth Havice
Professor, Bowman & Gordon Gray Term Professor and Associate Chair
Office: Carolina Hall 324
(919) 962-3414 (phone)
Political economy, political ecology, international development, commodity studies, agrarian studies, environmental politics, natural resources, property, corporate power, science studies
kirsch Scott Kirsch
Office: Carolina Hall 306
(919) 962-3874 (phone)
Historical, cultural, & political geography; history of science; social theory
konard Chip Konrad
Professor and Director, SERCC
Office: Carolina Hall 305
(919) 962-3873 (phone)
Climatology, climate change, meteorology
lentz Christian Lentz
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 319A
(919) 843-7359 (phone)
Development, state formation, nationalism, nature-society relations, agrarian studies, Southeast Asia
liang Jun Liang
Teaching Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 218
(919) 962-3872 (phone)
GIS, Programming, Cartography, Urban Modeling, Remote Sensing
martin Nina Martin
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 224
(919) 962-3916 (phone)
Urban geography, global cities, civil society, migration, labor markets and economic development
ruth Ruth Matamoros Mercado
Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 319B
Indigenous Geographies, land relations and Law, Indigenous research methodologies, and Central  America
aaronm Aaron Moody
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: Carolina Hall 211
(919) 962-5303 (phone)
Conservation, Landscape Ecology, Biogeography, Remote Sensing, GIS
olson Elizabeth Ann Olson 
Office: Carolina Hall 317
(919) 962-3921 (phone)
Youth and feminist geographies, critical health geography, moral geography and care ethics, participatory methodology.
David David Parr
Teaching Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 310
GIS and Geographic Education; Volunteered Geographic Information; and Space-Time Modeling
Danielle Danielle Purifoy
Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 309
Black geographies, Environmental Justice, Uneven Development, U.S. South
pickles John Pickles
Daniel W Patterson Distinguished Professor of International Studies and Geography
Office: Carolina Hall 219
(919) 962-3919 (phone)
Globalization, economic geography, regional development, post-socialism, social and cultural theory, counter-cartographies


Diego Riveros-Iregui
Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 327
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 962-6814 (phone)
Ecohydrology, watershed hydrology, biogeochemistry, critical zone, land-atmosphere interactions, tropical hydrology, climate and land use/land cover change
cherie Chérie Rivers
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 319C
Black geographies; decolonial praxes; indigeneity and sustainable farming; Black Atlantic world.
smith Sara Smith
Office: Carolina Hall 222
(919) 962-3875 (phone)
Political, cultural, and feminist geography; intimacy, territory, and bodies; health politics; geopolitical subject formation; Ladakh; Jammu and Kashmir; South Asia
song Conghe Song
Professor and Chair
Office: Carolina Hall 206
(919) 843-4764 (phone)
Remote sensing, ecological modeling, forestry, human-environment interaction, land-cover/land-use change and climate change impacts on ecosystem functions, and GIS
song Paul J. Taillie
Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 223
Wildlife conservation, vertebrate community ecology, global change, and remote sensing
gaby Gabriela Valdivia
Professor and the Class of 1989/William C. Friday Distinguished Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 315
919-962-3871 (phone)
Latin America; environment, identity and governance; critical resource geography; political ecology


Stephen Walsh

Research Professor
Lyle V. Jones Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Human-Environment Interactions, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Simulation Models


Erika Wise
Office: Carolina Hall 325
(919) 843-4762 (phone)
Climatology, dendrochronology, water resources
QI Zhang
Research Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 310
Human-environment geography, land use change, labor migration, forest policy, rural livelihoods, agent-based modeling