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Undergraduate Advising in Geography

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Nina Martin
Associate Professor
Carolina Hall 224
Please email for an appointment (in person or over zoom)

I am pleased to serve as the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in Geography.
Do you have questions about majoring or minoring in Geography? Feel free to e-mail me with your concerns or to set up an advising appointment (in-person at Carolina Hall or over zoom). I can advice you on which Geography courses to take to build a major or minor that meets your personal and professional goals and interests.
To learn more about our major and minors in GIS and Environmental Justice, read about our B.A. Program Requirements and our Pathways in Geography. Also, check out our 2018 and 2019 Geography Department newsletters! Or follow us on Twitter @geographyunc

Student Services in Geography

Geography Major Administrator

Nell Phillips
Office: Carolina Hall 205A

For administrative questions regarding courses, scheduling, or enrollment, contact Ms. Nell Phillips. She can answer basic questions regarding geography courses registration and offerings. Please check our website first for the most current information regarding our department.

Your major or minor can be confirmed by your academic advisor in Steele Building.

More advising resources

The UNC College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Program can help with all non-major related questions, such as on general education requirements, credit transfer, and degree audits.

The UNC Career Services Office offers career counseling and job-seeking resources.

The UNC Study Abroad Office provides information and advise on a wide selection of study abroad programs.

The Writing Center offers face-to-face or online coaching to help students become stronger writers.

The Learning Center offers one-on-one academic coaching, peer tutoring, study workshops, and online tools that support different learning needs.

Counseling and Wellness Services offers consultations for students seeking counseling and caring mental health services.