Many of our faculty and graduate students’ research agendas are driven by a desire to work against injustice and disparity, and to tackle critical issues of local, national, and global significance. This includes a broad array of research furthering our knowledge of how power and difference are experienced, from mixed method and GIScience approaches to health disparity to critical theoretical understandings of gender, race, and injustice. Select and recent published highlights from this research appear below, with links to the researcher’s individual website.

This work includes theorizations of race and difference, as well as analysis of how gender, race, class, sexual orientation and other forms of difference operate in daily life.


On racial and ethnic difference in everyday life:

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On health outcomes and difference:

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On indigeneity:

Bozigar, M., C. Gray, and R. Bilsborrow. (2016). Oil extraction and indigenous livelihoods in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon. World Development 78: 125–135.

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Public Engagement

In addition to academic publishing, our graduate students and faculty are also engaging with these issues in the public sphere:

Darius Scott and Elizabeth Olson were interviewed for the podcast ‘Backways: understanding segregation in the rural south’:

Willie Wright has recently given a talk on race and gentrification in Houston, Texas.

Adam Bledsoe has written on the student movement to rename our building: