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The School of Information and Library Science (SILS) is offering a Certificate in Applied Data Science (CADS) to Geography and Environment Majors and Minors and students from four other departments. The Certificate is an opportunity to continue building your data science qualifications and apply them in a ‘practicum’ to wrap up the certificate requirements. This CADS is a way to demonstrate the applied significance of your geography and environment credentials.

The program is for students who are not  in computer science or other majors that are exclusively focused in this realm, and as a result, fills skill-building and professional development niches for geographers who are already developing data science skills and applying them to real world issues. Link to the flyer.

If interested in the Certificate:
  • Review the certificate requirements. All of the requirements will be online courses and these won’t start until Fall 2020. The certificate is completed over 4 terms. There are three courses (two of the courses are comprised of two 1.5 credit hour courses that are stacked together to make semester long instruction) and a capstone (this is an applied project that will speak to the your interests in Geography and Environment and be supervised either by faculty or a partner in a business, NGO, think tank, etc).
  • Contact a professor in the Geography and Environment department with whom you have taken a class so that he or she can nominate you for the certificate. Once you are nominated by a faculty member, you will receive an online application for the certificate program from SILS. In the Fall 2020 cohort, SILS will accept 5 students from each participating department.