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Below is a directory of current graduate students in the Geography Department.

Student Contact
Aykac Betül Aykaç
B.A., Marmara University; M.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
aykac.betul@unc.eduFeminist political geography, agrarian studies, food justice, autonomy, resistance
biggs Mary Biggs
B.A., Bryn Mawr College
Political ecology, cultural landscapes, memory, U.S. South
bista Rajesh Bista
B. S., Tribhuvan Univ., Nepal; M.A., Purbanchal Univ., Nepal
Human-Environment Interactions, Land Use Land Cover Change, Geospatial Analysis, Community Based Climate Change Adaptation
kate Kate Brandt
BA, Rutgers Univ.-New Brunswick, BS, Rutgers Univ.-New Brunswick
health geography, energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, human-environmental relationships, community based research
brown KD Brown
B.S Univ. of Georgia, MPH Univ. of North Carolina
Environmental racism, political ecology, social justice, STS, public health, queer ecology, and the necropolitics of discard
julia Julia Cardwell
B.A, Davidson College
Social vulnerability, extreme weather, climate change, land-use planning, GIS
braun Jordan Clark
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
Climatology, meteorology, GIS, health geography
deanna Deanna K. Corin
B.A. Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Feminist political geography, health geography, political ecology, wildfires
eck Montana A. Eck
B.A., UNC at Asheville. M.A., Appalachian State University
Climatology, Extreme Weather, Meteorology, Natural Hazards, Appalachian Mountains
Leiha Leiha Edmonds
B.A., American University; M.U.P.P., University of Illinois at Chicago
Aging in cities, care work, feminist everyday geographies, spatialized structural inequities, multi-method and participatory methodologies
annie Annie Elledge
B.A., The University of Texas at Austin
Feminist geography, political geography, gender, care, labor, development
Faulkner Sherah Faulkner
B.A., Agnes Scott College, M.A., Georgia State University
Feminist geography, social theory, the US South.
Sophia Sophia Graybill
B.A., M.Sc. Clark University
Climate displacement, human-environment interactions, GIS, livelihoods, community-based research.
Ggoelómez Varun Goel
B.A, M.S, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Health Geography/ Disease Ecology, Spatial Epidemiology, GIS, Landscape genetics, Spatial Statistics.
Gómez Angélica María Gómez
B.S. Universidad de Antioquia, B.S. Institución Universitaria de Envigado, M.S. Universidad de Antioquia
Tropical hydrology; Remote sensing; Ecohydrological Modeling.
Gupta Pallavi Gupta
M.A., Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and BSL LLB , Indian Law Society’s (ILS) Law College, Pune
Human geography, Feminist Geography, Gender, and Law.
Hall Adrienne Hall
B.S., University of Southern California; MPH, San Francisco State University
Critical public health, Black Geographies, digital humanities
hawkins Michael Hawkins
B.A., University of Arizona; M.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
Historical and political geography, Philippine Studies, Southeast Asia, ethnography
Faulkner Lily Herbert
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
Feminist geography, geographies of religion, Middle East.
hernandez Manuel Hernandez
B.S., M.S. – Texas A&M University
Climate modeling, large-scale climate dynamics, water resources, climate variability, paleoclimate, monsoons
carl Carl Jurkowski
B.S., California University of Pennsylvania; M.S., Idaho State University
Dendroclimatology, paleoclimate, water resources, historical climatology
lanier Michelle Lanier
B.A. English, Spelman College;M.A. Folklore, UNC-Chapel Hill
Womanist cartography and the folklore of AfroCarolina. Black South geographies, Afro-futures, and the restorative journey. Ethnopoetics and experimental counter-mapping.
lara Lara Lookabaugh
BA,Univ. of Florida,MLIS, Florida State Univ.,MA, Univ. of Florida
Political ecology, gender and climate change, post-development, feminist methodologies, environmental justice, Mexico, Guatemala.
Malki Andreina Malki
B.A., Furman University; M.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
Legal geography, territory, sovereignty, corporate power, Latin America
devon Devon Maloney
BS, University of St Andrews
Remote sensing, GIS, arid environments, agriculture and food systems
cait Caitilin McMillan
BA,Queen’s University;MSc,University of Oxford, UK
Indigenous peoples, refugees, belonging, contested space, peacebuilding, conflict resolution
ingrid Ingrid Diaz Moreno
BA, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana;MA, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Political ecology, development studies, gender, labor, Latin America
christopher Trey Murphy
B.S., M.S., Texas A&M University

Energy geography, fracking, political-economy/ecology, hydrocarbon governance, Texas
Murray Andrew Murray
B.A., M.A., Univ. Of Cincinnati
Surface/Groundwater Hydrology,Geocomputation,Data Visualization
christopher Christopher Neubert
B.A., Grinnell College

Cultural geography, social theory, biopower, spaces of resistance, postcolonial feminism, Sri Lanka
ortiz Mark Ortiz
B.A., The University of Alabama
Political Ecology, Climate Politics, Environmental Humanities, Critical development studies
padley Michelle Padley
B.A., Trinity University
Feminist Geography, Political Geography, Legal Geography, Urban Neoliberalisms.
becky Rebecca Patterson-Markowitz
B.A., M.A., University of Arizona
Feminist geographies, ontologies of the body, trauma, geographies of healing, the ethics and politics of care.
sandborn Hilary Sandborn
B.S. University of Maryland
Health geography, disease ecology, infectious disease, GIS, social vulnerability
roya Karly Schmidt-Simard
B.S., M.S. Indiana University

Dendroclimatology, hydroclimate, water resources, paleoclimate, stable isotopes
carlos Carlos Serrano
B.A., Florida International University
Social/labor movements, critical social theory, Latin America, political geography, participatory action research
carlos Cyrus Sinai
B.A. University of California, Los Angeles
Health geography; spatial epidemiology; infectious diseases; energy poverty and health in sub-Saharan Africa; disease surveillance in remote, resource-limited settings.
carlos Kriddie Whitmore
B. S., Guilford College, NC ; M.S., Virginia Tech
Biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen, Aquatic ecology, Urban systems, Field research, In-situ sensors.
rachel Rachel L. Woodul
B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
Health geography, GIS, climate-health vulnerability, infectious disease, hazardous extremes