The Undergraduate Handbook provides detailed information about the major, departmental policies, facilities, scholarship opportunities, and a variety of other information relevant to majors and minors.

The Pathways 2018 document can help Geography majors navigate through a subfield of Geography. Students are invited to structure their course selections around a sub-area of Geography. The Pathways are meant to provide guidance for assembling a curriculum that helps students build strength in more specific areas of interest within Geography. The courses listed in the Pathways are recommendations intended to help guide selection of courses that enhance and support their intellectual and professional development within the field of geography. As an alternative, students may design their own pathway through the department according to their own interests.

NOTE: It is not required that you choose one of these Pathways, and there is at present no designation of them on student diplomas or transcripts. Also, note that it is likely not possible to take all of the courses listed on many of the pathways, but they are presented to provide suitable options.