Below is a directory of current faculty in the Geography Department. Click on a faculty member’s name to visit his or her personal website. Also here is photo taken from the recent faculty retreat (Oct 23, 2015).


Faculty Contact
band Lawrence Band
Voit Gilmore Distinguished Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 307
(919) 962-3921 (phone)
Watershed hydrology, ecology & geomorphology, GIS, remote sensing
birdsall Stephen Birdsall
Office: Carolina Hall 223
(919) 962-3918 (phone)
Social, landscapes & values, North America
xiaodong Xiaodong Chen
Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 319-C
(919) 843-6326 (phone)
Human-environment interactions, systems modeling and simulation, conservation ecology, environmental policy, GIS, China
cravey Altha Cravey
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 309
(919) 962-5157 (phone)
Latin America, social theory, third world development
Davis Jason Davis
Incoming Faculty – Fall 2017
International migration; remittances; fertility; children’s well-being (education and nutrition); land use change in Latin America.
Paul Paul L. Delamater
Incoming Faculty – Fall 2017
Health and medical geography, access to health care, health care policy, spatial analysis, GIS.
emch Michael Emch
Professor and Chair
Office: Carolina Hall 205
(919)843-1010 (phone)
Medical geography, spatial epidemiology, health & environment, GIS
gray Clark Gray
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 308
(919) 962-3876 (phone)
Population, environment and development; survey and statistical methods
banu Banu Gökarıksel
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Office: Carolina Hall 307
(919) 843-5835 (phone)
Cultural, feminist political geography; religion, secularism, pluralism; identity and subject formation; bodies and embodiment; Turkey, the Middle East
havice Elizabeth Havice
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 324
(919) 962-3414 (phone)
Political economy, political ecology, international development, commodity studies, agrarian studies, environmental politics, natural resources, property, corporate power, science studies
kirsch Scott Kirsch
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 306
(919) 962-3874 (phone)
Historical, cultural, & political geography; history of science; social theory
konard Chip Konrad
Associate Professor and Director, SERCC
Office: Carolina Hall 305
(919) 962-3873 (phone)
Climatology, climate change, meteorology
lentz Christian Lentz
Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 319B
(919) 843-7359 (phone)
Development, state formation, nationalism, nature-society relations, agrarian studies, Southeast Asia
liang Jun Liang
Lecturer and GIS Technician
Office: Carolina Hall 218
(919) 962-3872 (phone)
GIS, Programming, Cartography, Urban Modeling, Remote Sensing
martin Nina Martin
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 224
(919) 962-3916 (phone)
Urban geography, global cities, civil society, migration, labor markets and economic development
aaronm Aaron Moody
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: Carolina Hall 211
(919) 962-5303 (phone)
Conservation, Landscape Ecology, Biogeography, Remote Sensing, GIS
aaronm Javier Arce-Nazario
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 326
Landscape history, GIS-remote sensing, translational geoscience, critical physical geography, water and sustainability.
olson Elizabeth Ann Olson
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 225
(919) 962-6816 (phone)
Development practices; normativity and moral geographies; participatory methodologies; religion and secularization; youth, class and precarity.
pickles John Pickles
Earl N. Phillips Distinguished Professor of International Studies
Office: Carolina Hall 219
(919) 962-3919 (phone)
Globalization, economic geography, regional development, post-socialism, social and cultural theory, counter-cartographies
reyes Alvaro Reyes
Assistant Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 217
(919) 962-3922 (phone)
Political Geography, Black Geographies, Racialization and Socio-Territorial Movements in the Americas, Decolonization, and Critical Theory.
diego Diego Riveros-Iregui
Assistant Professor
Office: 327 Carolina Hall Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 962-6814 (phone)
Ecohydrology, watershed hydrology, biogeochemistry, land-atmosphere interactions, tropical hydrology, climate and land use/land cover change
smith Sara Smith
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 222
(919) 962-3875 (phone)
Political, cultural, and feminist geography; intimacy, territory, and bodies; health politics; geopolitical subject formation; Ladakh; Jammu and Kashmir; South Asia
song Conghe Song
Professor and Associate Chair
Office: Carolina Hall 310
(919) 843-4764 (phone)
Remote sensing, ecological modeling, forest ecosystems, land-cover/land-use change and climate change impacts on ecosystem functions, and GIS
gaby Gabriela Valdivia
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 315
919-962-3871 (phone)
Latin America; environment, identity and governance; critical resource geography; political ecology
walsh Stephen Walsh
Lyle V. Jones Distinguished Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 318
Department of Geography
Chapel Hill, North Carolina Hall 27599
(919) 962-3867 & (919) 962-0927 (phone)
Human-Environment Interactions, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Simulation Models
wise Erika Wise
Associate Professor
Office: Carolina Hall 325
(919) 843-4762 (phone)
Climatology, dendrochronology, water resources