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Geography and UNC libraries celebrated 2021 GIS Day on Nov. 17 with an online map competition. 26 UNC undergraduates and graduates submitted their map works in the forms of digital images, including two online maps. The winners of the map competition were decided by a panel of 5 GIS specialists, including two UNC GIS librarians: Philip McDaniel and Tia Francis, and three geography faculty members: Javier Arce-Nazario, Paul L. Delamater and Jun Liang.

Geography Major Zachary Leighton won first place in this contest. His map title is “Medicare-Certified Home Health Agencies in Mecklenburg County, NC”.

Graduate student Kristen Cowan from Epidemiology won second place with a map titled “Comparing Mortality risk by Municipality per 100,000 in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria to Mortality before Hurricane Maria”.

Graduate student Jordan April from Department of City and Regional Planning won third place with a map titled “Average Elevated Blood Lead Levels (EBLLs) by Census Tract (2013-2018) and 1937 HOLC Residential Security Map for Syracuse, New York”.

Maps are attached below:

By Zachary Leighton


By Kristen Cowan


By Jordan April



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