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Undergraduate majors concentrate their studies in one three areas:

▪   Earth Environmental Systems (EES)

▪   Geographic Information Sciences (GISci)

▪   Geographies of Human Activity (GHA)

Students are encouraged to focus their coursework around one of the major themes and strengths in the Department.  These include:

▪   Climatology

▪   Culture, Society, and Space

▪   Environmental Systems

▪   Geography of Health and Disease

▪   Geospatial Analysis

▪   International Development and Globalization

▪   Political Ecology

▪   Urban Geography, Planning, and Development


The official listing of degree requirements for geography is published in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

To earn a bachelor of arts in geography, a student must pass a minimum of nine courses in the discipline: four foundation courses, three concentration courses, and a minimum of two electives. Again, for further description of the requirements and course possibilities, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Minoring in Geography

To earn a minor in geography, a student must pass a minimum of five courses, including any two of the foundation courses and three elective courses