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Colloquium – Ara Wilson

November 13, 2015

SPEAKER: Ara Wilson, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Cultural Anthropology, Duke University TITLE: The Geography of Standards and Transnational Medicine in Thailand ABSTRACT: In the 21st century, medical care is characterized by heightened global flows of patients, doctors, and … Continued

Colloquium – Caitlin Cahill

October 30, 2015

Social Science and Cultural Studies, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; Graduate Center, CUNY SPEAKER: Caitlin Cahill, Pratt Institute TITLE: Home is where crisis is lived everyday ABSTRACT: Three years ago the Researchers for Fair Policing, an intergenerational participatory action research team, set … Continued

Colloquium – Rebecca Lave

October 9, 2015

Department of Geography, Indiana University Rebecca Lave Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Indiana University Integrating critical human and physical geography in practice The relationship (or lack thereof) between physical and human geography is a longstanding discussion within our field. Some … Continued

Colloquium – Shari Fox Gearheard

October 2, 2015

Download the talk poster here! Title: The Meaning of Ice: People and Sea Ice in Three Arctic Communities Dr. Shari Fox Gearheard Research Scientist, National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), University of Colorado, Boulder/ Clyde River, Nunavut Dr. Shari Fox … Continued

Colloquium – Jason Dittmer

September 18, 2015

Jason Dittmer, University College London, Department of Geography Title: NATO interoperability and geopolitical assemblages Abstract: NATO has had, since its origins, a policy of attempting to produce interoperability among its national militaries. In this paper I examine the concept of interoperability … Continued