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The Globalization and International Development group study diverse processes of globalization, and the multi-scalar dynamics and networks of development across global spaces. Such processes of globalization (and the anti-globalization and global justice movements they have stimulated) are re-shaping the geographies of international and local capital, labor, technology, information, goods and services. Geographers working in this area engage themes of material culture and post-Soviet production; geopolitics; religion, gender and subjectivity; food security, environmental resource management, and extractive industries; migration, race, post-coloniality; and global environmental management and environmental justice.

Faculty members and students are members of, and contribute to, UNC Research Centers and Curricula in American, International and Area Studies. UNC geographers are also integrated into a variety of related programs, seminars, and working groups on campus and at Duke, and students have the opportunity to take courses on both campuses.



Associated Faculty

Shorna Allred, Banu Gökariksel, Clark Gray, Elizabeth Havice, Scott Kirsch, Christian Lentz, Nina Martin, Elizabeth Olson, John Pickles, Chérie Rivers, Sara Smith, and Gabriela Valdivia.