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Below is a directory of current students in the Graduate Certificate Program in Geographic Information Sciences (GISc).
Student Contact
bista Rajesh Bista
BS, Tribhuvan Univ., Nepal; MA, Purbanchal Univ., Nepal
PhD Candidate, Geography, UNC-Chapel Hill
Human-Environment Interactions, Land Use Land Cover Change, Geospatial Analysis, Community Based Climate Change Adaptation
Cherry Anna Cherry
BS, Environmental Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill
Hydrology, Coastal Environments, Land Use Change, GIS, Green Architecture
Faulkner Mary Dougherty
BA, Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill
Faulkner Timothy Leinbach
BS, Duke University;MA, University of Washington
Africa, tourism, human-wildlife conflict, urban transportation
Faulkner Vitaly Radsky
PhD Candidate, Education, UNC-Chapel Hill
Faulkner Jason Scanlan
BA, UNC-Chapel Hill
Matt Matthew Ungaro
MS student, Environment, Ecology and Energy Program, UNC-Chapel Hill
wetland and stream mitigation, land use, land policy, and remote sensing
Faulkner Claudia Vila
BA, Environmental Studies, New College of Florida
Faulkner Tasmia Zaman
BA, Environmental Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill
Human-environmental interactions, ecology, biogeography, climate change, landscape architecture, urban design