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Below is a directory of current students in the Graduate Certificate Program in Geographic Information Sciences (GISc).
Student Contact
Cherry Anna Cherry
BS, Environmental Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill
Hydrology, Coastal Environments, Land Use Change, GIS, Green Architecture
kc Kristen Cowan
BS, Public Health, The Ohio State University, MPH, Global Epidemiology, Emory University
Epidemiology, Natural Disasters, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, Social Vulnerability
Faulkner Rachel Deininger
BS, Emory University
Faulkner Mary Dougherty
BA, Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill
Matt Luke Gruchot
BA, Grand Valley State University
Faulkner Vitaly Radsky
PhD Candidate, Education, UNC-Chapel Hill
Faulkner Jason Scanlan
BA, UNC-Chapel Hill
Faulkner Claudia Vila
BA, Environmental Studies, New College of Florida