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The minor in Environmental Justice (EJ) focuses on the intersections of inequity, the environment, and justice.

The goal of the minor is to provide a starting-point for understanding the meaning, significance, and potential of environmental justice as a field of action and inquiry in relation to questions of development and social difference, and in various geographic contexts.

Students who complete the minor will engage with an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes intersecting ideas about space, scale, landscapes, ecosystems, and environmental health with questions of race, economic production, and power inequities. Students will also learn about tools and political processes that can be used to address environmental justice concerns. Relevant topics include, for example, the uneven social experiences with food, water, health and land access; exposures to pollution; risks to health and wellbeing; infrastructural inequities; resource extraction; colonization; and climate change.

For a full description of the Environmental Justice Minor, please see the Core Requirements.

Core Requirements

Code  Course Title
GEOG 240 Introduction to Environmental Justice
GEOG 435 Global Environmental Justice
One elective course from List One
One elective course from either List One or List Two


EJ minor poster final