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(Spring 2022 Schedule PDF Download link – Updated on Oct 19, 2021. For most updated schedule, please use the following table.)


Code Name Time Day Room Instructor
GEOG 52 FYS Political Ecology of Health 2:00-3:15PM TR CH204 Emch
GEOG 62 FYS Culture of Technology 11:15-12:05 MWF CH204 Kirsch
GEOG 65H FYS Climate Chng & the Media 12:30-1:45pm TR CH204 Wise
GEOG 110 The Blue Planet: Earth Systems 12:20-1:10pm MWF FH109 Moody
GEOG 120/PWAD World Regional Geog 2:30-3:20pm MWF HM100 Kirsch
GEOG 120,/PWAD World Regional Geog Remote Async RA/ CA Lepofsky
GEOG 121 001 Geographies of Globalization 12:30-1:45pm TR MU116 Lentz
GEOG 121 002 Geographies of Globalization 2:00-3:15PM TR RM/ CA Padley
GEOG 121 003 Geographies of Globalization 3:35-4:50pm MW CH220 Lepofsky
GEOG 130 Development and Inequality 9:05-9:55am MWF GA008 Havice
GEOG 212 Envir Cons & Global Change 2:30-3:20pm MWF CH220 Moody
GEOG 228 Urban Geography 11:00-12:15 TR CH220 MARTIN
GEOG 232 Agriculture Food Society 9:30-10:45am TR CH204 Ndaliko farm mtg
GEOG 237 Natural Resources-Forestry 10:10-11:00am MWF CH220 Song
GEOG 240 Intro to Env Justice 12:30-1:45pm TR DE305 Purifoy
GEOG 295 Undergraduate Research TBA TBA TBA Faculty
GEOG 296  Independent Study UG TBA TBA TBA Faculty
GEOG 370 006  Intro to Geog Info  9:30-10:45am TR CH220 Arce-Nazario
Recitation 601 RECITATION 1:25-2:15pm M CH322 Arce-Nazario
Recitation 602 RECITATION 3:35-4:25pm W CH322 Arce-Nazario
GEOG 370 007 Intro to Geog Info 2:00-3:15pm TR CH220 Vina
Recitation 701 Recitation 12:20-1:10pm W CH322 Vina
Recitation 702 Recitation 1:25-2:15pm F CH322 Vina
GEOG 392 Research Methods in Geog 9:30-10:45am TR MT205 Lentz
GEOG 412 Synoptic Meteorology 11:00-12:15 TR DE303 Konrad
GEOG 416 Applied Climatology 3:30-6:30PM R CH322 Wise
GEOG 428 Global Cities 12:20-1:10pm MWF CH204 Lepofsky
GEOG 437/ENEC Social Vulnerability Climate 9:30-10:45am TR CW103 Gray
GEOG 447/WGST Gender, Space and Politics 11:00-12:15 TR DE305 Gokariksel
GEOG 464 Europe Today 11:00-12:15pm TR CH204 Pickles
GEOG 480 Liberation Geographies 2:00-3:15pm TR MU302 Ndaliko
GEOG 491/PLAN491 Intro to GIS 3:30-4:45pm TR CH220 Vina
Recitation 601 Recitation 3:35-4:25pm M CH322 Vina
Recitation 602 Recitation 1:25-2:15pm W CH322 Vina
GEOG 493 Internship TBA TBA TBA Faculty
GEOG 541 GIS and Public Health 3:30-6:30PM T CH322 Emch
GEOG 555 Cartography of Global South 12:30-1:45pm TR CH322 Arce-Nazario
GEOG 577 Advanced Remote Sensing 2:30-3:20pm MWF CH322 Song
GEOG 592 GISCI Programming 11:00-12:15 TR CH322 Liang
GEOG 594 Global Post Sys and Appl 2:00-3:15PM TR CH322 Liang
GEOG 697 Geog Reseach Seminar 3:35-6:35pm M CH204 Valdivia
GEOG 703 Research Design 3:35-6:35pm M CH321 Smith
GEOG 803 Social Impacts of Climate Chg 2:00-3:15pm TR SC200 Gray
GEOG 804 Joint seminar with Grossberg  3:30-6:30PM R CH321 Pickles
GEOG 804/RELI 890 056

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Decolonizing Methodologies 3:30-6:30pm T CH204 Purifoy/Leve
GLBL 700         Olson