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Course No. Name Time Day Instructor
ENEC 569       Gray
GEOG 50 FYS Mountain Environment 9:30-10:45am TR Riveros-Iregui
GEOG 56 FYS Local/Global World 3:30-4:45pm TR Cravey
GEOG 110 The Blue Planet: Earth Systems 9:05-9:55am MWF Moody
GEOG 115 Maps 11:15-12:05 MWF Moody
GEOG 120/PWAD 120 World Regional Geog 2:00-3:15PM TR Pickles
GEOG 121(1) Geographies of Globalization 9:30-10:45am TR Curley
GEOG 121(2) Geographies of Globalization 2:30-3:20 pm MWF Heyman
GEOG 123 Cultural Geography 2:00-3:15pm TR Curley
GEOG 125 Cultural Landscapes 10:10-11am MWF Olson
GEOG 130  Development and Inequality 12:30-1:45pm TR Braun
GEOG 222 Health and Medical Geography 12:30-1:45pm TR EMCH
GEOG 232 Agriculture, Food and Society 9:30-10:45am TR Lentz
GEOG 267/ASIA 267 South Asia 11:00-12:15pm TR Smith
GEOG 295 Undergraduate Research TBA TBA Faculty
GEOG 296  Independent Study UG TBA TBA Faculty
GEOG 370 006  Intro to Geog Info  3:30-4:45pm TR Keeler
GEOG 370 007 Intro to Geog Info 3:30-6:30pm T Arce-Nazario
GEOG 410 Modeling Env Systems 9:30-10:45am TR Song
GEOG 412 Synoptic Meteorolgy 10:10-11:00am MWF Konrad
GEOG 429 Urban Political Geography 3:35-6:35pm M Martin
GEOG 441 Intro to Watershed Systems 12:30-1:45pm TR Riveros-Iregui
GEOG 452 Migrations Geographies 11:00-12:15pm TR Cravey
GEOG 457 Rural Latin America 12:20-1:10pm MWF Valdivia
GEOG 464 Europe Today 11:00-12:15pm TR Pickles
GEOG 491/PLAN491 Intro to GIS 2:00-3:15pm TR Delamater
GEOG 493 Internship TBA TBA Faculty
GEOG 577 Adv Remote Sensing 2:00-3:15pm TR Song
GEOG 591 Adv GIS 11:00-12:15pm TR Arce-Nazario
GEOG 592 GISCI Programming 9:30-10:45am TR Liang
GEOG 594 Global Post Sys and Appl 12:30-1:45pm TR Liang
GEOG 697 Geographny Research Seminar 2:20-3:20pm MWF Valdivia
GEOG 703 Research Design 3:30-6:30PM T EMCH
GEOG 803 Hum-Env Res/Seminar 2:00-3:15pm TR Gray
GEOG 804 Social Res/Seminar 3:30-6:30pm R Lentz
GEOG 804 (2) Social Res/Seminar 3:35-6:35pm M Smith