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Course # Course Title Time Day Instructor
GEOG 56 FYS Local/Global World 12:30-1:45pm TR Cravey
GEOG 89 FYS Red State Blue State 3:30-4:45pm TR Florin
GEOG 110 The Blue Planet: Earth Systems 11:15-12:05pm MWF Moody
GEOG 120(1) World Regional Geog 10:10-11:00am MWF Kirsch
GEOG 121(1) People and Places 9:30-10:45am TR Florin
GEOG 130 Globalization and Development 11:15-12:05pm MWF Havice
GEOG 259 Latin America 11:00-12:15pm TR Staff
GEOG 295 Undergraduate Research TBA TBA Moody
GEOG 296 Independent Study UG TBA TBA Moody
GEOG 370 006 Intro to Geog Info 9:30-10:45am TR Arce-Nazario
GEOG 370 007 Intro to Geog Info 10:10-11:00am MWF Liang
GEOG391 Quantitative Methods 12:20-1:10pm MWF Chen
GEOG 410 Modeling Env Systems 10:10-11:00am MWF Song
GEOG 412 Synoptic Meteorology 9:30-10:45am TR Konrad
GEOG 424 Geographies of Religion 2:00-3:15pm TR Olson
GEOG 435 Environmental Politics 2:30-3:20pm MWF Havice
GEOG 448 Transnational Muslims 2:00-3:15pm TR Gokariksel
GEOG 452 Migration Geographies 3:30-4:45pm TR Cravey
GEOG 457 Rural Latin America 10:10-11:00am MWF Valdivia
GEOG 464 Europe Today 11:00-12:15pm TR Pickles
GEOG 491 Intro to GIS 3:35-6:35pm M Chen
GEOG 493 Internship TBA TBA Moody
GEOG 543 Qualitative Methods in Geog 3:30-6:30pm R Smith
GEOG 577 Adv Remote Sensing 2:30-3:20pm MWF Song
GEOG 592 GIS Programming 1:25-2:15pm MWF Liang
GEOG 650 Technology and Democracy 3:30-6:30pm T Kirsch
GEOG 697 Geog Research Seminar 1:25-2:15pm MWF Valdivia
GEOG 804 (1) Research Seminar 3:35-6:35pm M Smith
GEOG 805 Intl/Dev/RES/Seminar 3:30-6:30pm T Pickles
GEOG 811 ESS Phys Sem 3:30-6:30pm T Wise