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Course # Course Title Time Day Instructor
GEOG65H FYS Climate Change/Media 11:00-12:15pm TR Wise
GEOG115 Maps 10:10-11:00am MWF Ward
GEOG120(1) World Regional Geog 1:25-2:15PM MWF Kirsch
GEOG120(2) World Regional Geog 9:05-9:55am MWF Larson
GEOG121(1) People and Places 9:30-10:45am TR Lentz
GEOG121(2) People and Places 3:30-4:45pm TR Gergan
GEOG123 Cultural Geography 9:30-10:45am TR Gokariksel
GEOG130 Globalization and Development 11:15-12:05pm MWF Havice
GEOG130 (2) Globalization and Development 9:30-10:45am TR Ward
GEOG225 Space, Place & Difference 11:00-12:15pm TR Reyes
GEOG232 Agriculture-Food Society 2:00-3:15pm TR Lentz
GEOG259 Latin America 2:00-3:15pm TR Reyes
GEOG370 006 Intro to Geog Info 10:10-11:00am MWF Liang
GEOG370 007 Intro to Geog Info 3:30-4:45pm TR Page
GEOG391 Quantitative Methods 11:15-12:05am MWF Chen
GEOG410 Modeling Env Systems 11:00-12:15pm TR Song
GEOG412 Synoptic Meteorology 12:30-1:45pm TR Konrad
GEOG414 Climate Change 3:30-4:45pm TR Wise
GEOG429 Urban Political Geog 3:30-6:30pm T Martin
GEOG434 Cul Ecology of Disease 1:25-2:15pm MWF Ward
GEOG441 Watershed Systems 11:15-12:05pm MWF Riveros
GEOG450 Population Dev & Env 12:20-01:10pm MWF Gray
GEOG452 Migration Geographies 9:30-10:45am TR Cravey
GEOG453 Political Geography 11:15-12:05pm MWF Smith
GEOG458 Urban Latin America 2:00-3:15PM TR Cravey
GEOG464 Europe Today 12:20-1:10pm MWF Pickles
GEOG470 Political Ecology 9:05-9:55am MWF Valdivia
GEOG477 Intro Remote Sens Env 3:30-4:45pm TR Vina
GEOG491 Intro to GIS 3:35-6:35pm M Chen
GEOG541 GIS in Public Health 3:30-6:30pm T Emch
GEOG577 Adv Remote Sensing 2:00-3:15pm TR Song
GEOG591 Adv GIS 2:30-3:20pm MWF Liang
GEOG697 Geog Research Seminar 2:30-3:20pm MWF Valdivia
GEOG702 Geog Thought 3:30-6:30pm M Pickles( AR116)
GEOG801 Watershed Ecohydrology and
Stormwater Management
3:30-6:30pm T Band
GEOG804 (1) Feminist Geographies 2:00-3:15pm TR Gokariksel
GEOG804 (2) Property and Resource Control 12:30-3:20pm W Havice
GEOG804 (3) Decolonizing Methodologies 2:30-5:20pm M Smith/Pat Parker