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Fall 2017 Schedule

Course Name of Course Time DAY INSTR
GEOG 50 Fys Mountain Environment 10:10-11:00am MWF Riveros-Iregui
GEOG 62 FYS Culture/Technology 3:30-4:45pm TR Kirsch
GEOG 63 FYS Nature and Preservation 11:00-12:15pm TR Valdivia
GEOG 64 FYS Vietnam 1:25-2:15pm MWF Lentz
GEOG 67 FYS Politics of Everyday Life 2:00-3:15PM TR Smith
GEOG 110 The Blue Planet: Earth Sys 1:25-2:15pm MWF Riveros
GEOG 111(1) Weather and Climate 11:15-12:05pm MWF Konrad
GEOG 115 Maps 2:30-3:20pm MWF Ward
GEOG 120(1) (w PWAD) World Regional Geog 9:05-9:55am MWF Birdsall
GEOG 121(1) Geographies of Globalization 12:20-1:10pm MWF Vasudevan
GEOG 130 Globalization/Development 2:30-3:20pm MWF Havice
GEOG 212 Env Cons Global Change 3:30-4:45pm TR Moody
GEOG 228 Urban Geography 12:20-1:10pm MWF Martin
GEOG 267(w ASIA) South Asia 9:30-10:45am TR Smith
GEOG 269 (1) Galapagos 3:35-6:35pm M Walsh
GEOG 270 Geog of China 12:30-1:45pm TR Chen
GEOG 370 006 Intro to Geog Info 9:30-10:45am TR Arce-Nazario
GEOG 370 007 Intro to Geog Info 3:35-4:50pm MW Call
GEOG 391 Quantitative Methods in Geog 3:30-4:45pm TR Chen
GEOG 392 Research Methods in Geog 9:05-9:55am MWF Lentz
GEOG 416 Applied Climatology 3:35-6:35pm M Wise
GEOG 429 Urban Political Geography 3:35-6:35pm M Martin
GEOG 445 Medical Geog 3:30-4:45pm TR Emch
GEOG 446 Geog of Health Care Delivery 12:30-1:45PM TR Delamater
GEOG 451 was 450 Population, Dev & Env 9:30-10:45AM TR Gray
GEOG 453(w/PWAD) Political Geog 12:30-1:45pm TR Kirsch
GEOG 460 Geog of Econ Change 10:10-11:00am MWF Havice
GEOG 464 Europe Today 11:00-12:15pm TR Pickles
GEOG 477 Intro Remote Sens Env 12:30-1:45pm TR Moody
GEOG 491 (w/PLAN) Intro to GIS 2:00-3:15pm TR Arce-Nazario
GEOG 592 GIS Programming 9:30-10:45am TR Liang
GEOG 691H Honors Faculty
GEOG 702 Geog Thought 3:30-6:30pm R Pickles
GEOG 704 Communicating Geog 3:30-6:30pm R Wise
GEOG 803 Political Ecology 3:35-6:35pm M Validivia
GEOG 813 HUM-ENV SEM 3:30-6:30pm T Walsh
GLBL 700 2-5pm T Olson