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Geography graduate student Anna Cherry won third place in 2020 UNC GIS Day Map Contest. Her map title is “United States Morrill Act Land Cessions and Land Grant Universities”.

Descriptions about this map from Anna: “The relation between indigenous groups, their lands and the Morrill Act of 1862 claiming lands for resale to benefit the Land Grant Universities has been brought to light in recent years. Mapping of this information had never been fully complete until a High County News report took on the endeavor. There are multiple attempts at relaying the information of the parcels, people, and the universities but they all fall short of portraying a more complete picture. The maps all show one side or the other (LGU or Tribal Lands). I wish to put the data that was reported from in the High County News into an interactive map that relays the information of the tribes and the relation to the universities.”

Her map was the only online map, among the 25 submissions. Please click the map below to visit the online map.



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