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In June 2018, Professor Riveros-Iregui taught GEOG 110 “The Blue Planet” in the classrooms of the Galapagos Science Center, on San Cristobal Island, Ecuador. Eleven UNC undergraduates traveled to Ecuador with support from UNC’s Study Abroad Office and the College of Arts and Sciences. This three-week course focused on Earth’s Environmental Systems and the interactions and feedbacks between hydrological and ecological processes, with an emphasis on sustainability of freshwater resources. The course also included a field component in which students became familiar with scientific equipment and developed research questions that were addressed through hands-on activities. This international experience has been developed thanks to the partnership between UNC and the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). Over the last 10 years, 366 undergraduate students have visited Ecuador through the Study Abroad Program. Ecuador is the most popular Latin American destination for students at Carolina.

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