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Erika Wise was awarded a new, 3-year National Science Foundation grant (2018-2021) with Cary Mock from the University of South Carolina, titled, “High Frequency Hydroclimate Extremes and Synoptic Climate Drivers in Western North America at the End of the Little Ice Age.” Their project aims to improve understanding of extreme climate events like floods and droughts, which have major and sometimes long-lasting impacts on society and ecosystems and are expected to increase in a warming climate.  Dr. Wise and Dr. Mock will be combining pre-instrumental data from tree-ring records and historical documents to study past climate extremes along the North American West Coast.  Their study will focus on the mid-1800s, a time period coinciding with the end of the Little Ice Age that included a range of climate extremes not seen in the instrumental record.  Dr. Wise and Dr. Mock will be including undergraduate and graduate student researchers in this project, and they will be partnering with the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center to reach a broader audience through existing programs such as the STEMville Symposium and the SciMatch middle school classroom visitation program.

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