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Sertanya Reddy has been awarded the 2018 Gwendolyn Harrison Smith Community Award. The selection committee was impressed by the tremendous amount of work that Sertanya has done to help develop more meaningful and lasting ways to address diversity on campus, and in support of underrepresented students. You may be interested in reading more about Gwendolyn Harrison Smith here. Here is a description of the award:


Gwendolyn Harrison Smith Community Award

The award was established last year in honor of Gwendolyn Harrison Smith, the first African-American woman to enroll as a student at UNC Chapel Hill. It was established to recognize one graduate or professional student each year who has made a particular impact on the graduate and professional community by (1) promoting diversity in the community and (2) advocating for graduate and professional students.


Congratulations, Sertanya, and thank you for your contributions to UNC!


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