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Mark Ortiz is one of eight graduate students in the inaugural group of Druscilla French Fellows. Mark’s work focuses on youth involvement in climate policy and is generating new intellectual and applied spaces for considering the moral, ethical, and material challenges of climate change.

Mark was selected for his research and teaching accomplishments so far as a graduate student and his potential to have a major impact in the field of geography. As a French Graduate Fellow, Mark will serve as an ambassador in sharing his UNC experience with prospective graduate students. French Graduate Fellows will attend graduate student recruitment events and an Arts and Sciences Foundation Board meeting, and will receive a one-year $4,000 top-up to her regular stipend and a $1,000 summer stipend. Congratulations, Mark!

This fellowship is made possible by a generous gift from one of our proud Carolina alums, Druscilla “Drucie” French (B.A. ’71, M.A. ’78). Dr. French is a psychologist and published author of multiple books, and the founder of the Foundation for Mythological Studies in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. French earned her Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute and, as the recipient of advanced degrees and a UNC alumna, she understands the challenges of graduate work and is dedicated to the success of our Carolina graduate students.

Mark at the Paris Climate Negotiations

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