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Geography department and Davis Library co-sponsored the GIS day map competition event, which was open to all students from UNC-CH.

Andrea Stewart, who is a Environmental Science Major, and also double minor Computer Science and Geography, won the third place. She created an online map on, titled “Old Chapel Hill Cemetery Tree Inventory”. Below is an screen copy of her map. The map can be customized by users.




Map Created by Andrea Stewart, who is a Environmental Science Major, also Double minor Computer Science and Geography

For more information, here is the full result.

1st place:

Taylor Nelsen

Double major: Environmental Sciences and Geography

“Mapping the Food Deserts of Newport News, VA”

2nd place:

George Allen

PhD student, Geological Sciences

“Earth’s Rivers from Space”

3rd place:

Andrea Stewart

Environmental Science Major

Double minor Computer Science and Geography

“Old Chapel Hill Cemetery Tree Inventory”

They have gift cards to the student stores and Research Hub USB Drives waiting for them to pick up at the Research Hub service desk.

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