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graduation2McNally Award: Ellen Currin

Douglas Eyre Leadership Award: Omololu Refilwe Babatunde
Melinda Meade Research Award: Katherine Batchelor

2015 Honors Theses:
Omololu Babatunde: “Black Liberatory Senses of Place: Creating From Abject Otherness”.
Katharine Batchelor: “An Analysis of the Religious Rights and Freedoms Afforded to Undocumented Immigrants in the United States”

Ellen Currin: “Unbounded: Rethinking Borders with New Visualization Technologies”
Ella Koeze: “Digital Persuasion: Jane Austen’s Persuasion as a Test Case for Mapping, Visualization, and Interpretation in the Digital Humanities”
Jessica Suggs: A Systematic Analysis of Direct and Indirect Casualties Associated with Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclones

Each graduating Geography Major was given a copy of the Atlas of Design Volume 2, produced bu the North American Cartographic Information Society.


A picture of Omololu Babatunde, her father, Dr. Conghe Song, and Dr. Aaron Moody:


From left to right: Dr. Moody, Dr. Song, Omololu and her father.


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