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Larry Band

Abstract:Green infrastructure, groundwater and the sustainable city
Sessions:Hydrology, Biogeosciences and Management in Human-Impacted Watersheds – I – Presenter

Banu Gokariksel

Sessions: ANNUAL GEOGRAPHY OF RELIGIONS AND BELIEF SYSTEMS LECTURE 2015: The post-secular problematic – Panelist

Altha J. Cravey

Sessions:Blue-Collar Scholars — Organizer, Panelist

Conghe Song

Abstract:Effects of land use/land cover and climate changes on terrestrial net primary productivity?in the Yangtze River Basin, China,?from 2001 to 2010
Sessions:Impacts of Human Caused Land-Cover/Land-Use Changes on Terrestrial Ecosystem Functions — Chair, Organizer, Presenter
Payments for Ecosystem Services: Paths toward Sustainability (I) – Organizer

Gabriela Valdivia

Sessions:Energy and Environment Specialty Group Annual Plenary Lecture: “Subterranean Territories of Oil Regionalism.” Dr. Gabriela Valdivia – Panelist

 Christian Lentz

Abstract:Vietnam on the March
Sessions:American Geography and Vietnam Forty Years After the Fall of Saigon — Panelist
Model integration and regulation: recentering peripheries in Asia – Presenter

Xiaodong Chen

Abstract:Payments for Ecosystem Services in A Coupled Human and Natural System
Sessions:Impacts of Human Caused Land-Cover/Land-Use Changes on Terrestrial Ecosystem Functions — Organizer
Payments for Ecosystem Services: Paths toward Sustainability (I) — Organizer, Presenter
Payments for Ecosystem Services: Paths toward Sustainability (II) – Chair

Elizabeth Havice

Abstract: Corporate Control and Environmental Governance
Sessions: Harder, Faster, Deeper, Stronger: Ecological Restructuring and the Primary Sector – Presenter

Erika K. Wise

Abstract:Persistence of pressure patterns over North America and the North Pacific since AD 1500

Sessions:Climate Specialty Group Paper of the Year Awardee Presentation – Presenter

Michael Emch

Abstract:Incorporating geographic context into randomized controlled cholera and malaria vaccine trials
Sessions:Health and Environment V: A Panel Discussion on Future Directions — Panelist
Melinda Meade Memorial Disease Ecology Session 1 — Organizer
Melinda Meade Memorial Disease Ecology Session 2 — Organizer, Presenter

Alvaro Reyes

Abstract: Value: The Origins of Racialized Capitalism
Sessions: Author Meets Critics: Richa Nagar’s “Muddying the Waters: Coauthoring Feminisms Across Scholarship and Activism. — Panelist
Authors Meet Critics:Weaponizing Maps — Chair, Discussant, Organizer
Prisons, Race, Empire, and Militarism – Presenter

Sara H. Smith


Sessions:Critical Pedagogy in Geography III: Teaching to transgress, teaching community: bell hooks and feminist geographic pedagogies – Panelist

Stephen S. Birdsall


Sessions: Assessing Retirement Communities: Patterns and Purposes — Panelist
Harm de Blij Memorial Session – Panelist

Elizabeth A. Olson

Abstract: Caring labor, security, and the hidden child
Sessions:Diversifying Geography: The Power of Narratives, Narratives of Power — Chair
Education, Faith and Place 2 — Chair
Geographies of Internationalization: Higher Education Encountering the Global — Chair, Organizer
Grieving witnesses: The politics of grief in the field (I) — Panelist
Peripheral Visions: Security by, and for, whom? I: Security through solidarity, care and grassroots democracy – Presenter



Adam Bledsoe

Abstract:Brazilian Quilombos and the geographical effects of changing signification

Sessions:Emerging Scholars in Ethnic Geography II — Chair, Presenter

Amy Braun


Sessions: Strategic role of the commons for movements and academics 1: Contesting logics in the politics of commons — Organizer
Strategic role of the commons for movements and academics 2: Commons, autonomy, and spatial practices — Organizer, Panelist

Rachel Cotterman

Abstract:Class, Capital, and Cultural Change: Rural Gentrification in Central North Carolina
Sessions:Rural gentrification: a globalising phenomenon? – Presenter

Chris Courtheyn

Abstract: Struggles over peace and territory: The San José Peace Community and competing territorialities of neo-extractivism and autonomy in Colombia
Sessions: Economic Development in the Americas II – Presenter

Matthew Dannenberg

Abstract: An Improved Automatic Adaptive Signature Generalization (AASG) Algorithm for Land-Cover Classification of Landsat Image Time Series
Sessions:Physical Geography Poster Session – Presenter

Mike Dimpfl

Abstract:Sessions:Author Beats Critics — Chair, Organizer
Fleshy and Messy: Health as Social Reproduction – Panelist

Mabel Gergan

Abstract:Precarity and Possibility: On Being Young and Indigenous in the Indian Himalayas
Sessions:Indigenous Movements in Asia – Presenter

Mark Janko

Abstract: Incorporating both space and place in medical geography using Bayesian hierarchical spatial modeling
Sessions:Melinda Meade Memorial Disease Ecology Session 2 – Presenter

Margaret Kovach

Abstract: Heat-Related Illness in Rural and Urban Settings across North Carolina
Sessions:Weather, Climate, and Health I: Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Risk – Presenter

Stevie Larson

Abstract: Organizing without an anchor: Race-making, space-making, and the many trajectories of Korean adoptee politicization
Sessions: Geography and Asian-American Studies: Past Reflections and Future Collaborations — Discussant
Politics of Injustice & Displacement: Organizing People and Producing Place Across Transnational Asia — Presenter
Work, Crisis, Apocalypse?!: The Power and Promise of Autonomist Marxism in North America — Organizer, Panelist

Angus Lyall

Abstract:Urbanizing the Amazon: Community-State Relations, Indigenous Oil Companies, and the Contingencies of Sustainability in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Sessions:Urbanization in Indigenous Contexts: Struggles and Solutions – Presenter

Lisa Marshall

Sessions: Energy Transitions III: Energy Justice – Presenter

Elizabeth Mason-Deese

Abstract:Unemployed Workers’ Movements, Creating Diverse Economies in Buenos Aires

Sessions:Making Other Worlds Possible VIII: Urban Political-Economy ‘From Below’ 1 – Presenter

William Maxwell

Abstract:Can the Plant Speak? Agency in Lumbee-Plant Relations
Sessions:The Role of Actor-Network Theory (ANT) in Indigenous Geography Studies – Presenter

Christopher M. Neubert

Abstract: Intersections of Labor, Citizenship, Gender and Ethnicity in Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantations
Sessions:Emerging Scholars in Ethnic Geography II – Presenter

Sertanya Reddy


Sessions:Diversifying Geography: The Power of Narratives, Narratives of Power — Organizer, Panelist
Geographies of Internationalization: Higher Education Encountering the Global — Organizer, Panelist

Benjamin Rubin

Abstract:Precarity of Parenting: Child Welfare and Spaces of Poverty
Sessions:Precarious Geographies (I) Precarious Places: Urban Decline, Welfare and Employment—Presenter

Sara Safransky

Abstract:Green urbanisms: competing visions for postindustrial futures in Detroit
Sessions:Outcast Cities III: Spatial Strategies of/against Displacement – Presenter

Elissa Sampson

Abstract:Grunge Authenticity: The Tenement as Upscale Tourist Destination

Aron Sandell

Abstract:“Building a Digital City” – Digital Urban Visions and the ‘Production of Obsolescence’ in New York City
Sessions:Technology and the cities of tomorrow: Exploring the smart city imagery (and beyond) (1)—Presenter

Charles I. Scaife

Abstract:Spatial and temporal scaling relationships of soil moisture in the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Sessions:Spatiotemporal Symposium: Spatiotemporal Variations and their Impacts on Geographic Models – Presenter

Darius Scott


Sessions:Diversifying Geography: The Power of Narratives, Narratives of Power — Organizer, Panelist

Hillary Smith

Abstract:Disaggregating Institutional Incentives and Outcomes; Evidence from Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania
Sessions:Participatory Techniques and Ideas in Developing Regions – Presenter

Johnathan Sugg

Abstract: Spatial characteristics of hydroclimate variability across the southern Appalachian Mountains of the southeastern U.S.
Sessions:Hydroclimatology I – Presenter

Nathan W. Swanson

Abstract:Settling the City: Parks, Preservation, and Planning in Jerusalem
Sessions:Settler Colonialism and the City: Spatial Narratives of Erasure – Presenter

Priscilla Vaz

Abstract:Ten Year of the Movement of Solidarity Economy in Brazil: challenges, contradictions and potentiality
Sessions:Economic Development in the Americas – Presenter

Willie Wright

Abstract:“Rite Beyond the Site”: White Gentrifying Bodies and Black (Art) Geographies in Houston’s Third Ward
Sessions:Black Matters are Spatial Matters — Introducer, Organizer
Public Art Geographies of Transculturalism – Presenter

Qi Zhang

Abstract:Determinants of cropland abandonment in Tianma Nature Reserve in Anhui, China
Sessions:Payments for Ecosystem Services: Paths toward Sustainability (II) — Presenter


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