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Progressive places and progressive movements in the South. Throughout the South, despite its largely conservative reputation, pockets exist at various scales where progressive ideas, people, activities challenge that dominant image and political narrative.  

Rebecca Dobbs is organizing a session at SEDAAG that seeks papers addressing progressive movements, neighborhoods, communities, organizations, towns, or other relevant spatial or social entity within the South–past or present, or envisioned future.  The session embraces broad definitions of “progressive” and other terms here, in order to include a diversity of places and human activities across the South.  Organizer: Rebecca Dobbs,

*The deadline for proposing special sessions at SEDAAG is Aug 13* so please contact Becky right away if you have a paper you’d like to present within this session. 

Full papers are required by the normal SEDAAG deadline of Aug 24, as laid out in the conference CFP,

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