The following list provides a snapshot of current projects led by Geography faculty, often in collaboration with national and international partners. Additional research projects not listed here may be listed under individual faculty websites

Project Title Associated Faculty
Agriculture at the Edge: Hydrologic Dynamics in the Tropical Andes Diego Riveros-iregui
Bookend Caregiving: building networks for young people who provide care for aging adults Elizabeth Olson
Bounded Revolutions: Dien Bien Phu and the making of postcolonial Vietnam Christian C. Lentz
Changing Indigenous Livelihoods and Land Use in the Ecuadorian Amazon Clark Gray
CNH: the effects of China’s Grain-for-Green program on the dynamics of coupled natural-human system in rural China (2013-2017). Conghe Song
Crude Entanglements: Living with Oil in Ecuador Gabriela Valdivia
Cultivating Subjects: Opium, difference, and rule in Vietnam’s Black River region Christian C. Lentz
Detection of long-term variability in storm tracks using seasonally resolved tree-ring isotope records: Implications for hydroclimatic change in the U.S. Pacific Northwest Erika Wise
Disease Surveillance Using Molecular and Geographic Methods in the Congo Michael Emch
Disturbance and Water Crisis in the Tropics: The Galapagos Islands as a Case Study Diego Riveros-iregui
Economies of caregiving and ethics of care: exploring histories of youth caregiving Elizabeth Olson
Environmental Change and Human Migration in the Developing World Clark Gray
Incorporating geographic context into randomized controlled trials: Case studies on the RTS,S malaria and the oral cholera vaccines Michael Emch
Multi-century perspectives on current and future streamflow in the Missouri River Basin Erika Wise
Soil Carbon Transformation in Heterogeneous Landscapes: Implications for Soil, Water, and Air Diego Riveros-iregui
Soil Degradation and Rural Livelihoods in Uganda Clark Gray
The Role of Religion in Public Life in Turkey Today Banu Gökarıksel
Using a Drought-Enhanced Nitrate Pulse to Understand N Retention and Processing Diego Riveros-iregui