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Duncan wins Keohane Professional Graduate Student Award

Jon Duncan was awarded the first Keohane Professional Graduate Student Award.  Below is a description of the award, and why Jon was selected.


Nan Keohane was Duke's eighth president (1993 to 2004). She and former UNC Chancellor James Moeser worked together to build collaborations between the two schools. The Nannerl Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professorship was established in honor of President Keohane's work. This year a graduate student award was established to recognize one graduate student at UNC and one at Duke who have made significant contributions to the field of work of the Keohane Visiting Professor and promote collaborative research between the two universities.


Jon was selected as UNC's recipient based on his research into the hydrologic connectivity between uplands, hillslopes and riparian areas, and the role of hydrologic dynamics on the biogeochemical processes controlling catchment nitrogen cycling and export. The collaborative work he has done in both the Baltimore Ecosystem Study and in Durham (with Emily Bernhardt’s group) instrumenting hillslope, riparian and stream channels is in keeping with the research of the current Keohane Visiting Professor, Jeffrey McDonnell, and is promoting collaborative research between Duke and UNC. Jeff’s work is challenging UNC to think about how watersheds work as linked networks between the terrestrial and aquatic phases, and how geomorphic and ecological systems co-evolve.
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