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Spring 2015

All presentations are held in Saunders 220 unless otherwise indicated. Talks are between 3:45PM and 4:45PM, and refreshments from 3:30PM to 5PM.

dATE Speaker Title/Event Location
Jan 16 N/A Graduate student/faculty meeting 220 Saunders
Jan 23 Dr. Jia Hu - Dept. of Ecology, Montana State University
Impacts of climate change on water and carbon relations in two contrasting ecosystems: an alpine grassland on the Tibetan Plateau and a conifer forest in Western Montana 220 Saunders
Jan 30 Dr. Jim Heffernan - Nicholas School of the Environ., Duke University
Water and land in cities: Macro-scale signatures of urban nature 220 Saunders
Feb 6  Dr. Mark Williams - Dept. of Geography, U.
Colorado at Boulder
Bhutan and Nepal: Disappearing Himalayan Glaciers, Water Security in High Asia, Temples, Elephants, and Phalluses 220 Saunders
Feb 13
Dr. Louie Rivers III - Dept. Forestry and
Environ. Resources,
Participatory Ensemble Modeling to Study the Multiscale Social and Behavioral Dynamics of Food Security in Dryland West Africa
Note - Postponed
220 Saunders
Feb 20
N/A GIFT - Teaching in and out of Academia
220 Saunders
Feb 27 Dr. Marcia Castro - Dept. Global Health and Population, Harvard University
Eyre Distinguished Lecture TBA
Mar 20 N/A
 Recruitment weekend/grad student presentations  220 Saunders
Mar 27 Dr. Tamlin Pavelsky - Department of
Geosciences, UNC
New Tools for Quantifying Surface Water Globally  220 Saunders
Apr 10 Dr. Dalia Patiño-Echeverry - Nicholas School of the Environ., Duke University
TBA  220 Saunders
Apr 17  Dr. James Sidaway - National University of Singapore
Cancelled  220 Saunders
Apr 28
 N/A  Undergraduate honors thesis presentations (AAG conference)  220 Saunders
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