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Spring 2014

dATE Speaker Title/Event Location
Jan 10 NA Graduate student /faculty meeting 220 Saunders
Jan 17 Noer Fauzi Rachman Undoing Categorical Inequality: Struggles for Customary Territory, Forest Tenure Reforms, and  the Trajectory of Systemic Agrarian Conflicts in Indonesia 220 Saunders
Jan 24 Michael Webb Strategic Geographic Targeting, Place-based Philanthropy, and New Forms of Urban Revitalization. 220 Saunders
Jan 31 Jed Purdy Law and Landscape in the Long Anthropocene - Materiality and Imagination 220 Saunders
 Feb 6 (TH)
Laura Pulido Workshop on Environmental Racism  321 Saunders
 Feb 21  Darryl Cohen  The Role of Geographers at the U.S. Census Bureau  220 Saunders
Feb 28
Maggi Kelly Place, Space and Time: Rescuing and Integrating Biological and Environmental Data in the Face of Global Change 220 Saunders
Mar 21   Maggie Kovach,
Brian Miles,
Yousuf Al-Bulushi, and 
Nathan Swanson 
Graduate Student Research Presentations
  Maggie Kovach: “Climate-Health Vulnerability: Identifying Climate Thresholds for Heat-Related Illness in North Carolina”
Brian Miles: “Reducing stormwater pollution in suburban ecosystems: the role of household-scale management”
Yousuf Al-Bulushi:"The Struggle for a Second Transition in South Africa"
 Nathan Swanson: "Geographies of Home and Struggle for Palestinians in Jerusalem"
 220 Saunders
Mar 28 Seth Holmes  "Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States"  220 Saunders
 Apr 4 GAGS/GIFT! "Roundtable on Black Geographies: Politics and Poetics"  The Stone Center, Auditorium
 Apr 16 Mitch Aso Forests without Birds: Rubber production and environmental crises in Vietnam, 1890-197  105 Murphy
Apr 25  NA Undergraduate honors thesis presentations  TBA
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