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Fall 2014

All presentations are held in Saunders 220 unless otherwise indicated. Talks are between 3:30PM and 4:30PM, and refreshments from 3:15PM to 5PM.


dATE Speaker Title/Event Location
Aug 22 Grad Students and Faculty Departmental welcome and introductions 220 Saunders
Aug 29 Grad Student and Faculty Joint Faculty-Graduate Student Business Meeting 220 Saunders
Sep 12 Tony Fry Design, Culture, Relationality & Adaptation: Thinking Cultures of Place & Cities in the Age of a Changing Climate
        220    Saunders
Sep 26 Malinda Lowery Native American Migration and Coalescence: The Lumbee Indians of North Carolina 220 Saunders
Oct 3 Andres Vina Analyzing biodiversity from space: New approaches and their application in conservation         220 Saunders
Oct 10 Ross Meentemeyer
and John Vogler
Biodiversity and disease transmission: Discovery and communication through geography and tangible analytics

 Oct 24 Scott St. George Seeing the forest for the tree(ring)s: An overview of tree-ring width records across the Northern Hemisphere  220 Saunders
Nov 7
Colin West Sahel Greening and Browning: NDVI, RFE and Participatory Ground-truthing         220 Saunders
Nov 14 GAGS colloquium Beyond the R-1: A Conversation About Practicing Otherwise with your PhD  220 Saunders
 Nov 21 S (Subu) V Subramanian  What’s wrong with single level perspectives in population health?  Toy Lounge, Dey Hall
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